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Headteacher Ms Ruse in a red wig and dress celebrating with pupils


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Two of our GCSE groups took their exam pieces to & performed an extract as part of the senior...


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Always welcome !!!


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A huge welcome to students from and watching this morning. Enjoy the show!


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Our raised over £600 for school equipment at our annual quiz night. Thanks for all your support.


Learning about Science and Music at the


music students gave up their Saturday morning to finish off their composition


Our dedicated GCSE music students gave up their Saturday morning to finish off their composition


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Year 10 students were given advice on planning their future at motivational workshops held at


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Join us in the fight to save school funds ! Parents we need your support


Y7s explored sound, light waves, volume and frequency at Science/ Music workshop held at the


Ms Ruse celebrates with our GCSE dance class after a successful practical exams. They also performed for parents at…


Fantastic turnout and very positive atmosphere at our transition event for new families

School Development Plan

We have recently completed the School Development Plan (SDP) and identified our priorities for the coming year.

These are:

  Outcomes for pupils
1.1 Improve rates of progress across the whole school, including in English and mathematics
1.2 4+EM to meet target between 52% and 65% and 5+EM between 37% and 44%    Progress 8 measure  between 0 and 0.26
1.3 Improve accuracy of predictions and reduce in school variation across subjects to ensure that every subject achieves their departmental targets % A*-C, and all subjects improve the % of A*A (7+) Grades
1.4 Year 11 cohort to achieve a target of between 10% and 16% of students achieving  A and A* grades
1.5 Successfully implement all the changes to assessment after levels, attainment and progress measures and ensure all stakeholders fully understand and are successfully using them to set challenging targets for students so they make rapid gains
1.6 The attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils to be at least matched or are rapidly approaching those of other pupils nationally and in the school
1.7 Continue to develop a KS4 curriculum that is broad and balanced and meets the needs of all students
  Personal development, behaviour and welfare
2.1 Improve the behaviour of students so that it is at least good reducing the number of fixed term exclusions to under 5 students per week
2.2 Improve attendance so it is above 96% in Years 7-11 and that effective strategies improve the punctuality of a minority of students
2.3 Improve student awareness of how good behaviour contributes to a positive climate for learning
2.4 Continue to improve the emotional health of all students
2.5 Introduce a whole school enrichment programme to excite and inspire learners to aim high and to support learning and engagement
2.6 Ensure the school’s arrangements for safeguarding students including online safety are exemplary
   Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
3.1 Implement an intensive programme of teaching and learning pedagogy, with incremental coaching as a key component
3.2 Ensure all teaching is good or better with structured support for weaker teaching
3.3 Ensure there are opportunities through CPD for staff to recognise and understand the characteristics of outstanding learning, so that teacher planning facilitates exceptional progress.
3.4 Further promote students’ literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills in all curriculum areas
3.5 Improve the presentation of work within student exercise books
3.6 Ensure homework is regularly set in order to encourage independent learning and develop students’ study, research and time management skills
  Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
4.1 Strengthen and develop leadership and management across the school developing greater accountability for progress, consistently high achievement and quality of teaching and learning
4.2 Work closely with the governing body to ensure they are fully informed and can consistently hold school leaders rigorously to account
4.3 Improve the schools self-evaluation so it has a deep and accurate understanding of its effectiveness informed by the views of parents, students and staff which influence improvement strategies
4.4 Implement a Performance Management systems that is rigorous and highly effective and used to encourage and challenge teachers and support rapid improvements
4.5 Review the curriculum to ensure that it is broad and balanced, inspires students, meets the needs of all students and provides for their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development and promotes British Values
4.6 Ensure that Disadvantaged funding is used effectively and is having the desired impact

The School Development Plan is created through looking at the performance of the school in every area of its provision, and also informed by other factors such as the recent Ofsted reports, parents’ and students’ feedback and local and national educational issues. In an effort to keep the plan to a manageable size for publication some of the items are brief summaries as more detail is used internally. 

We are satisfied that the School Development Plan fully reflects the developments we want to make this year and it has been accepted by Ofsted as fit for purpose. The internal School Development Plan fully incorporates the schools’ Statement of Action for Ofsted which has been previously published and agreed. 

Comments from external consultants on the progress made so far:

  • The current senior leadership is developing secure and robust systems for monitoring and evaluating the impact of the school’s work.
  • Governors have a more precise understanding of the impact of leaders’ actions to improve the quality of the school’s provision.
  • The school has been stabilised and key building blocks for sustained improvement in terms of new structures, policies and procedures have been put in place.
  • The most tangible impact to date is in the form of much improved behaviour and ethos.
  • Pupils understand the school’s expectations of behaviour very clearly and so they do not disrupt others’ learning.
  • Adults supervise pupils effectively. They take many opportunities on the corridors to talk to them about their day. Pupils are appreciative of the way adults interact with them.
  • Safeguarding is effective. Procedures are robust and regularly reviewed to see if they can be strengthened further. Teachers are well trained and have appropriate training updates when required.
  • Middle leaders show an increased resilience now in how they make a more consistent impact on improving teaching, hence having better levels of pupil progress. They have responded well to the increased expectations on what they can achieve collectively, as well in their individual roles.

Next steps for us to focus on are:

  • Place greater emphasis on providing more challenging work for students
  • Intensify the role of middle leaders in whole school improvements
  • Continue the whole-school focus on the attendance of groups so that all staff see it as a shared responsibility, not just that of the dedicated attendance team.
  • Improve marking and feedback
  • Close the differences for disadvantaged students


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