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Elsa and Jack getting getting some advice on their performance poetry from


led a performances poetry workshop at the school on Friday


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Big Thnx to 4 kind donation Quiz Night 3 March. Buy Raffle tickets to WIN ! contact:


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Big Thnx 4 super donation Quiz Night 3 March. Buy Raffle tickets to WIN ! contact


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Big Thnx 4 super donation Quiz Night 3 March. Buy Raffle tickets to WIN! contact


Be creative: make a cartoon/collage/poster – something a bit creative can help to memorise thing.


Teach someone what you have just learned.


Year 9 Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday 23rd February. Contact Miss Quigley (Head of Year 9) info


Question and answer: work with a study partner where possible


Revision apps: recommend are Gojimo and The PiXL maths. Ask teachers which are the best for the subject


Actors learn their lines by walking around and saying them out loud. Revision does not have to be sitting or silent.


Product Design Yr 11 student came in during to finish off their speakers


Mind maps: get a whole topic onto one side of A4 – helps with visual as well as verbal. .


Turn your topic into a story and tell it to your friends or family.


More hardworking students

Term Dates


Date Description
Monday 5th September INSET day 
Tuesday 6th September INSET day 
Wednesday 7th September Start of Term 1 for Years 7 to 11:
Year 7  8.30am to the Auditorium  
Year 10 9.40am to Form Rooms - Period 2 
Year 8  10.50am to Form Rooms - Period 3 
Year 9  10.50am to Form Rooms – Period 3 
Year 11  10.50am to Form Rooms – Period 3 
Friday 21st October End of Term 1 for students 
Monday 31st October Start of Term 2 
Tuesday 20th December End of Term 2


Date Description
Tuesday 3rd January INSET day
Wednesday 4th January Start of Term 3
Friday 10th February End of Term 3
Monday 20th February Start of Term 4
Friday 31st March End of Term 4
Monday 17th April Bank Holiday
Tuesday 18th April Start of Term 5
Monday 1st May Bank Holiday
Thursday 25th May End of Term 5 for students
Friday 26th May INSET day
Monday 5th June Start of Term 6
Friday 21st July End of Term 6


Academic Year 2017-2018


Autumn Term 2017

Autumn Term 1 (2017) Wednesday 6th September – Friday 20th October

Half term: 23 - 27 October

Autumn Term 2 (2017) Monday 30th October – Wednesday 20th December


Spring Term 2018

Spring Term 1 (2018)  Thursday 4th January – Friday 9th February

Half term: 12 - 16 February

Spring Term 2 (2018)  Monday 19th February – Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018

Summer Term 1 (2018)  Monday 16th April – Friday 25th May

Half term: 28 May - 1 June

Summer Term 2 (2018)  Monday 4th June – Friday 20th July