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The school is using E-Learning resource See poster for more details.


Families are invited to join the Friends of Twickenham Academy Facebook group. Search “Friends of Friends of Twickenham” Academy on Facebook


A fine vocal performance at our Year 11s leavers assembly


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TwickenhamAcademyArts Year 8 Masks


The Dance Company are performing in Ignition Dance Festival on 3rd June at the Lyric Theatre . Read more in our latest newsletter


The new restaurant is proving very popular with students


Year 11 students gave up their Saturday to join a three hour session in preparation for the Higher Tier Maths exam


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The Dance Company are performing in Ignition Dance Festival 3rd June @ Lyric Theatre . See newsletter on how to get tickets.


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Chess Club proving popular with the students - challenge on Mr Hart !!


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held Exhibition of GCSE Art work prepared by our amazingly talented young artists last week, showcased gr8t Art - good luck !!


Year 7 Henry Godfrey was part of a four strong team to win a gold medal at the National Acro Gymnastics Competition.


Mr Hart, Ruby and Matthew want you to join


The game continues at .


More matches taking place in


Chess Club champ Jamie Jones takes on Headteacher Ms Ruse. Promise to be a very close match. Stay tuned


Deep in thought. Another close match taking place at


Founder member Matthew takes on Jatin at


Our second week of club and we now has 15 members.


Tomorrow we will be tweeting live from our chess club so please check back here for pictures and updates


A big well done to our Year 9 boys who narrowly missed out on the Richmond Schools football championship - losing 1-0 in the final

School Meals

It is the aim of the school that all students should have a nutritious meal every day and to this end the catering team are constantly seeking new ways to improve the range of food provided and to evolve our food service.

The catering team has set their sights on continually improving school meals and changing student’s perception of food, whilst adhering to the following principles;

·         Eat less salt or no added salt

·         Eat less fat

·         Increase Omega 3 foods to help lower cholesterol

·         No deep fried foods at all

·         Incorporate fruit into puddings

·         Encourage students to eat ‘5 a day’

Free School Meals

If you have children under 19 and in full-time education, you may be able to get free school meals for them.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for free school meals you must be in receipt of one of the following benefits.

·         Income Support

·         Income Based Jobseekers Allowance

·         Child Tax Credit (not including Working Tax Credit)

·         Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit

·         Asylum Seekers

·         Proof of support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

·         An Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

For more information about the application process for Free School Meals please go to the following website: Free School Meals Application 

Cucina logo      OUR NEW CATERERS

We are Cucina

Cucina is jam packed with real foodies. Our belief is to bring restaurant-quality food to education and business organisations across the UK.

We don’t operate canteens, food halls or cafeterias; our outlets are all proper restaurants, with everything implied by that. Each of our sites has its own trained chefs, and all Cucina meals are cooked from ‘scratch’, starting with fresh ingredients many of them local.

Each of our dishes contain at least one fruit or vegetable but none are promoted as the specifically ‘healthy option’.

Our focus is always on:

  • Great food cooked from scratch every single day
  • Innovative menus that change regularly to keep interest
  • Highly skilled teams equipped to do a great job
  • Going ‘above and beyond’ to become part of our clients daily life

Our future health and prosperity depends on ensuring that the next generation is better fed. In association with ‘The School Food Trust’, ‘Food for Life Partnership’ and other organisations, we work hard to promote higher standards of food in Education.

Give them what they want. Believe it or not, this has always been the secret to healthy eating. It’s just that before now, ‘what they like’ almost always meant low-quality, fattening and unhealthy food.

We have a simple philosophy: to serve fantastic fresh food, quickly with a smile, to satisfied customers who return every day.

Delicious lunch?
Shhhhh! It’s healthy too!

As educators we all want students to eat better, and yet their dining choices are very rarely influenced by overt health messages, or tables groaning with crunchy vegetables. The major drivers continue to be taste, cost and convenience.

That’s why Cucina’s menus are interesting, fun and different. Our approach, which we call stealthy eating has helped us more than double the uptake of school dinners. It has also enabled our partner schools to significantly reduce their catering costs.

Our food, handmade on site by skilled chefs and attractively presented, is largely sourced from fresh UK ingredients. It’s also full of nutritional goodness, but that isn’t something we like to shout about. Our customers continue to choose ‘healthy’ simply because that’s the food they like to eat. Isn’t this the way it should be, after all?

Teaching through their tastebuds

Healthy food? Absolutely. Although young customers tend to put it in other ways, like, ‘wicked’, ‘the future’, ‘gorge(ous)’, ‘cool’, ‘way better than the shops’, and ‘Mum, I want school lunches’.

The more that students like our food, the more they get to know about it. Then, with the help of chefs and kitchen staff, they start to try other options.

We KNOW that eating well is crucial to improving ability and behaviour. In helping students to eat better, Cucina aims to impart a genuine love of great food and help grow knowledge in the process.

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